Slot Lapel Pin by Cecilia Stamp (choice of colour)

Slot Lapel Pin by Cecilia Stamp (choice of colour)

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Commissioned by Local Heroes for Made in Glasgow, these glossy, coloured lapel pins take their inspiration from Glasgow’s subway system - the third oldest underground system in the world.

“Cecilia utilises the industrial technique of powder-coating to bring her nuanced flair for colour to the pieces and to reflect the aesthetics of industry and transport at the heart of her commission. Wearers can combine the three complementary colourways of yellow, pink and blue with Cecilia’s lapel pins and earrings.“

Material: Powder coated brass, silver post and steel clutch back

Size: 1.7cm x 3.2cm x 0.06cm

Each pin comes on a branded Cecilia Stamp x Local Heroes card. Please note that each pin has been powder coated by hand, and the finish may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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