Viv Lee 'Dapple I' One-off Ceramic Vase

Viv Lee 'Dapple I' One-off Ceramic Vase

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One-off handmade stoneware bud vase. Ideal for arranging flowers and foliage.  

Please note the colour of the piece may differ slightly from the image shown on the screen. 

Dapple I / piece 36

Handmade in the West of Scotland by Viv Lee.


Size: approx 10x 7 cm
Material: Stoneware Ceramic
Care: Hand washing recommended.

This vase is part of the series Botanical Rhapsody Spring 2018 Collection. 

To capture the sensorial feel of nature, I used sculptural stoneware clay. Due to the texture of the clay being coarser some condensation may occur at the base of the vase. please take care when choosing the surface on which you place your vase.

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