September 2019 Maker of the Month: Our Lovely Goods

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A recent addition to Welcome Home, Our Lovely Goods produce a wonderful array of candles, balms, and body butters.

“Our aim is to create considered and beautiful products for the modern home, ranging from from botanical skincare to home fragrances and accessories.

From our home in the North East of Scotland we dreamt up this business as we began our journey as parents. We started to think in more depth about the products we use and bring into our home and how they impact our everyday life and environment.”

We’re thrilled to be stocking their ‘goods’, so thrilled in fact, we thought we’d have a chat with them…

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What lead you both in the direction of making products for the body and home?

We wanted to create a brand that covers the main aspects of lifestyle and we felt that products in these categories (home and body) are really integral to people's day to day life. We wanted to create products that are kind and considered as well as aesthetically pleasing items to have in any home.

When researching your ingredients, what do you look out for you and what draws you to particular materials?

We are passionate about making sure that their components are natural and also have a low environmental. All of our candles are made with Soy Wax which is a clean alternative to common paraffin wax candles, it burns cleanly and doesnt emit any soot or into the environment. Our core candle collection is scented with Essential Oils and so they also have aromatherapy benefits.

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Our Skincare range is formulated with 100% natural and plant based ingredients, we like to keep things simple as we believe that your skin doesn’t need lots of chemicals or lots of complicated ingredients to thrive, nature provides more than enough. We also wanted our range to be accessible to as many people as possible and so we chose ingredients that are unlikely to cause irritation to all skin types.

With body butters named “nourish” “nurture” “restore” and “soothe”, we see lots of links to emotion and well being your products, can you tell us a bit more about this?

We decided to name our candles with the emotional descriptors that we want our products to evoke. More than just being good for your skin, we wanted our brand to promote well being and just making little moments of your day a moment for slowing down and self care. Life gets so hectic so its nice to have a little reminder to look after yourself!

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We see that you have workshops collaborating with artists and even a playlist for each of the candles we stock on your website. Is creativity top of your list at Our Lovely Goods HQ?

Absolutely, we would love to expand on this side of the business a lot more next year, we really want to express our brand ethos in more creative ways, work with other brands and make space for others to explore their creativity.

You’ve sited family as one of the catalysts for creating Our Lovely Goods, how important is it that this is reflected in your products?

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We would say it is something we definitely want expressed in our products. For us becoming parents was really a driving force behind us thinking more deeply about where our products came from, what impact do they have on the environment and our home. Additionally, when curating the items we have in our house we wanted to make sure we have beautifully designed products that tick all the aforementioned boxes as well. We felt that there are probably a lot of other homes and families and are thinking the same way and hope our brand would appeal to them.

When you’re not busy making products to help us wind down, how do you take time to relax?

We love food! I (Ebi) love baking so I do that a lot, we also love trying out new cafes and restaurants. We also love traveling and now our little girl is a bit older we hope to do a lot more of that next year!

We always ask our interviewees to pick something from the shop that’s on their wishlist…

Emmanuel: The Ruth Mae Martin Handbuilt Ceramic Vase would look great in our living room!

Ebi : The Kate Trouw Medium Pink Blue loop earrings are beautiful.. they would make a fabulous Christmas present...hint hint..

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Thanks guys! You can find out more & see their entire range here.

Nick Lynch