July 2018 Maker of the Month: Freya.Im


Normally our assistant manager performs these interviews but this month we have a slightly unusual format and she is our Maker of the Month. We didn't want to ask someone to be our Maker this month due to the recent fire at GSA and subsequent temporary closure of CCA and Welcome Home so thought this might be a good compromise!

Her attempts at writing about herself in the third person and asking herself probing questions were frankly - by her own estimations - a bit laboured and uncomfortable so what follows is more of an informal ramble about her, her work, her process directly from her (me).

Hello! My name is Freya, and I make jewellery!

I suppose making jewellery is currently my side hustle to working at Welcome Home although the two are interlinked. I sell work through Welcome Home and have been given the opportunity to show my pieces in our window and host Meet The Maker events so the relationship between both is pretty harmonious.

Creative Origins

I studied here in Glasgow at the art school and somewhat fell into the jewellery department. I’m a bit of a creative-commitment-phobe as just about everything appeals to me and it took me a long time to make peace with life as a jewellery maker. 

I think I had a conception of jewellery as being a very serious and studious endeavour which is enough to put me off anything. My way of moving past this was to make playful, naive and funny pieces. The idea that my work might spark a giggle or a conversation is important to me. I want to subvert the typically formal image of jewellery. I find formality impedes my creativity so I try and make things that make me laugh using quite basic jewellery making techniques and fairly non precious materials.

The Creative Process

My creative process is definitely still in development. I collect imagery from everywhere and make doodle like drawings on the backs of things all the time. I have wonderful inspired ideas at the most inconvenient moments and nearly always fail to remember or record them. 

I love the simplicity of line drawings and how each little face’s unique character can be expressed by simply the placing of a few features. Some look grumpy, some sarky, some cautiously optimistic, some just plain glaikit. 

The Material

Brass is a wonderful material, apart from being a lot more ethical than silver or gold (because it’s an alloy typically made from recycled metals) it really allows for an expressive approach to making. It can be inhibiting to have the high stakes of precious metal when making! I make everything without a stencil and each piece ends up different from the last.

Shop Faves

This was hard, I help Mhari to curate/source Welcome Home's stock so I'm pretty attached to most of it! 

  1. For someone who makes jewellery I am pretty terrible at wearing any myself, these however are something I need to own in the near future! Perfectly minimal and yet somehow still playful and cheering, and made by a fellow Uk based independent maker.
    Alice Chandler XL Silver Wiggle Hoops

  2. I feel like the brooch has a bad rep but the pin is bringing back the brooch in a more palatable form? Brooches are pins and pins are cool!  
    This one is definite favourite of mine. Living Casual Cloud Enamel Pin

  3. I have a bit of a basket collection right now and this shopper is my dream addition! I'm too devoted to backpacks and tote bags to use any of them but I think this could happily accommodate some newspapers in my living room?
    Bohemia Reed Shopper


Images by Beth Chalmers, Styling by Freya Alder and Ruth Mitchel.