Bothy Stores x Laura Aldridge Apron

Bothy Stores x Laura Aldridge Apron

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Bothy Stores commission new and innovative work that takes their starting point from the existing and developing Bothy Project network. Each product will be specific to its given bothy, with designers undertaking research residencies to devise products that respond to the bothy’s environment and purpose.

Laura Aldridge - Pick Rock Bothy

Aldridge has explored eco-dying, a technique that prints and colours fabric from nature, also using more unorthodox materials such as nails and kirby grips in the process. Her handmade fabrics have been transformed through digital reproduction into an apron and tablecloth. Pig Rock Bothy is often used for activities and workshops with the public – these useful products reflect the making process through their production and construction, and everyday function. Aldridge designed the original interior for Pig Rock, which included brightly coloured ceramic vessels, reinterpreted here as a handy apron-pocket.

Material: Bark Weave Cotton

Care Instructions: Wash at 30 degrees

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